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Oct '09:

Seven Star introduces pre-fabricated rectangular ducting system and enhances its range of products. The ducts shall be fabricated in Seven Star's factory at Chennai to comply with SMACNA standards.

The entire machinery is imported and includes Duct Manufacture Autoline (consists of decoiler-straightening-beading-punching-notching-shearing) / Pittsburgh Lockformers - 6 & 4 forming positions / TDF flange forming machine / TDF hydraulic folder  / Power flanger / Standing 'S' machine / Pittsburgh male (small & big) / Press Brake / Hydraulic Shearing machine, 2M width / Plasma cutting machine for fittings & air compressor along with required  material handling facilities....

Apart from enhancing the quality of fabrication, Seven Star rectangular ducts will also ensure improved productivity for its Customers

Complete set of duct accessories can be supplied along with straight ducts, which include all types of duct fittings, corner pieces, gaskets, bolts & nuts, cleats, flanges, sealants etc.

Ducts are available conforming to other standards (DW-142 / IS-655 ) also, if required. Similarly ducting fabricated with alternative materials like aluminium, stainless steel etc. can also be supplied in addition to the standard Galvanised Steel Sheet material.

Feb' 09:

Seven Star launches a new factory at Delhi to serve its customers in Northern Region even better.

A new factory was launched in Dec '08 at Delhi for manufacturing of pre-insulated pipes which will cover the Northern Region of India. Customers in the region will vastly benefit from this unit which will eliminate transportation costs and waiting periods. All types of pre-insulated pipes with various core pipes, jacketing materials and thicknesses as are available from its original plant at Chennai will now be made available locally. The high pressure PUF injection machine and other equipment are installed in a sprawling 12000 sq. ft. brand new factory premises in Gurgaon. Trial production was completed in Jan ?09 on line production has already started.

Please contact the address below for your requirements :

Seven Star Aircon Delhi (P) Ltd
H no. 1667, Sector 10 - A,
Gurgaon 122001
Tel :  0124 4009432 
Telefax :  0124 4009435

Oct' 08:

Pre-insulated piping and its advantages - Read an article by Mr. S Sankaran, Fellow-ASHRAE, published in the Airconditioning & Refrigeration Journal, Mar 2008 edition.

Sep' 08:

Seven Star has obtained Class 0 certification from a leading British laboratory for their pre insulated pipes. Samples of the pre insulated pipes with GI jackets were dispatched to the laboratory for testing under:

BS 476 - part 6 : Method of test for Fire Propogation of products and
BS 476 - part 7 : Method for Classification of the Surface Spread of flame of products 

The product was classified as Class 0 which is the highest possible classification as defined under Paragraph A13(b) of Approved Document B, ' Fire Safety', to the Building Regulations 2000 in the United Kingdom.
What this means in layman's terms is that the product is approved for use within buildings in the UK & Europe.

Jun' 08:

Seven Star introduces value added services to the HVAC Industry in general and for  piping systems in particular and has recently introduced a custom made pre insulated piping system. The excellent quality of  insulation achievable by the use of a pre insulated pipe is combined with the versatility of a grooved pipe jointing system to attain a high quality, high speed installation.

Welding is completely eliminated along with all of its associated problems.

The new system of piping is found to be extremely customer friendly especially for inaccessible areas such as shaft piping with multiple tapoffs. High rise buildings, hotel guest room tower blocks etc. will greatly benefit from such systems.

Accurate drillings of branch pipe diameters at predetermined locations on the main riser pipes are made with specialised machines, resulting  in a perfect finish, to accept grooved mechanical branchlets. The main pipe riser is then grooved at the ends for accepting grooved couplings and pre insulated at factory, leaving gaps at the the drilled portion and the grooved portion at the ends. The pre insulated pipes, branch pipes etc. are affixed with identification lables before despatch, for easy assembly & installation at site.

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