Welcome to Seven Star                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Seven Star now introduces pre-fabricated rectangular ducting system for enhanced quality & rapid installation                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Seven Star launches a new factory at Gurgaon to serve its customers in the Norther Region even better    

The company also represents National brand of grooved pipe couplings and Thermobreak closed cell polyolefin foam insulation. Seven Star have plans to add more products to its basket and also expand its manufacturing facilities to other regions of the country.

Within a few months of start of their operations in 2006, Seven Star have firmly established themselves as a solution provider for piping and insulation requirements of the HVAC industry. Seven Star have a manufacturing unit on the outskirts of Chennai with a covered area of about 14,000 sq.ft. that houses a number of imported & indigenous machinery including high pressure PUF injection machine, low pressure machine, spiral duct making machine, plasma cutter, gore locker, swaging machine, button locker, flexible duct making machine, grooving machines, spot welding machines etc., as well as material handling equipment. Seven Star have in-house fabrication facilities, as also an engineering office.

Seven Star supply field joint kits as standard and have trained a number of personnel for sitework on their use & application. The training also covers grooving on pipes, assembly of grooved fittings, installation methods of pre-insulated pipes as well as other Seven Star products. Feel free to contact us for any advise on your site-related queries.

Seven Star can also supply pre-insulated pipes for underground applications (eg) district cooling, and with leak detection systems. Seven Star have also developed an ingenious product for hot insulation application, such as steam piping, with a combination of PUF and rockwool. We encourage you to contact us with any of your other non-standard requirements. Together, we can find solutions...

Seven Star do keep a limited quantity of stock of all their products for any urgent requirements and feel free to contact us if you have an urgent need of our products.

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